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Installation Instructions for:
Cabinet Lecture Units

1.Chalk a horizontal line on wall parallel to floor at desired mounting height of wall bar. Measure from top of this bar to floor.
2.2. Drill holes through lower portion of mounting bar of correct diameter for wall conditions and mount with screws, rawl plugs, etc., as required.
3.3. Install rubber bumpers at bottom of unit in pre-drilled holes using �" round head screws provided. (Phillips head screwdriver is required.)

NOTE: Rubber bumpers are shipped loose to prevent possible breakage during shipment.

4.4. Lift lecture unit above mounting bar holding unit flat against wall and let slide downward until continuous mounting bar on back of unit is resting on wall mounting bar. Let bottom of unit rest against wall on rubber bumper.
5.5. With unit in place on wall, as outlined above, position the two bottom retaining angle clips tightly to wall and sill, approximately 12" in from each corner, applying only slight pressure. Mark a pencil line on wall at bottom of each angle. Remove unit from wall and install angles to wall using 1" truss head screws through angles into wall.
6.6. Replace unit on top mounting bar with bottom resting on angles and secure angle to sill of unit with �" truss head screw.

NOTE: 1" truss head screws provided for attaching mounting angles to wall. Other type fasteners may be required, according to wall conditions, and must be furnished by others.

Adjustable Door Catches — Top and Bottom

(applicable only on Wood units)

Screws in each end of catches may be tightened or loosened with flat head screwdriver to increase or decrease tension as needed. Note: Laminate units have non-adjustable magnetic catches.

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