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Installation Instructions for:
Trophy Case Front with Wood Box

1.Lay unit face down on flat surface. (Parts are numbered for easy matching and fitting together.)
2.Fasten top, bottom, and ends to case front frame with �" pan head screws, screwing through frame into wood box. (Holes are pre-drilled.)
3.Fasten corners of box together with 1-1/4" flat head screws. (Holes are pre-drilled.)
4.Place back panel on box and fasten with 1-1/2" screws around perimeter of box.
5.If shelf standards were not factory-installed on the back panel, install standards with post and screws at pre-drilled holes.
6.If case gets fluorescent light, install light in case with 3/16" bolt and nut (2 per light). Wiring to be by electrical contractor.
7.Set case into masonry opening and fasten as required per wall conditions. (Fasteners not included.)
8.Install shelf brackets, shelves, glass doors and locks. Case is ready to use.
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