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Space Creator -Markerboard both sides


Space Creators are designed to create a mobile environment that quickly adapts to ever-changing needs. Panels are tiled to create a custom markerboard and/or tack surface. Furnished with two pie-shaped feet and a link for joining two or more Space Creators together. LCS3 porcelain enamel steel writing surface or Claridge Cork, and standard Guilford, Carnegie, or Maharam fabric tack surfaces. For configurations using a combination of materials from panel-to-panel or side-to-side, use the price of the higher material. All Space Creators are 72” high and come in 30”, 36” and 48” widths.

  • A functional, movable environment that can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice

  • Carve out privacy for touchdown spaces and personalize the look to meet individual needs

  • Stand alone or group together; simple hanging mechanism included

  • Select from one to four tiles

  • Panels extend fully to the floor for complete privacy

  • Low profile foot provides stability

No. of Panels Number Weight Price Size
1-panel X2-SC-7230-1-MB-MB 117 lbs. $1779.00 72" high x 30" wide
2-panels X2-SC-7230-2-MB-MB 117 lbs. $1822.00
3-panels X2-SC-7230-3-MB-MB 117 lbs. $1868.00
4-panels X2-SC-7230-4-MB-MB 117 lbs. $1914.00
1-panel X2-SC-7236-1-MB-MB 135 lbs. $1788.00 72" high x 36" wide
2-panels X2-SC-7236-2-MB-MB 135 lbs. $1845.00
3-panels X2-SC-7236-3-MB-MB 135 lbs. $1902.00
4-panels X2-SC-7236-4-MB-MB 135 lbs. $1959.00
1-panel X2-SC-7248-1-MB-MB 171 lbs. $1811.00 72" high x 48" wide
2-panels X2-SC-7248-2-MB-MB 171 lbs. $1868.00
3-panels X2-SC-7248-3-MB-MB 171 lbs. $1925.00
4-panels X2-SC-7248-4-MB-MB 171 lbs. $1983.00
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