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Glass Whiteboards

The ultimate premium writing surface for those who require an elegant and unique design style for their writing surfaces. Claridge Glass Whiteboards are perfect for the board room, executive offices and anywhere else that design is equally valued with functionality. Claridge Glass offers dimension given the reflective nature of the writing surface, and any color can be chosen for the writing surface, using Claridge’s proprietary manufacturing process.

Step up to a premium whiteboard surface that is also bacteria-resistant and loaded with options for customization, from color to size and mounting style.

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MIX Mobile

Light on its wheels and loaded with options for customization. The MIX Mobile product line is ready for those who demand collaborative environments and flexible design. Claridge MIX Mobile whiteboards come in two styles, Contemporary and Industrial, and each offers fully wipeable, bacteria-resistant surfaces. Use MIX to collaborate virtually any way you want. From conference room note taking, to modular space division and privacy dividers, MIX works your way.

From start-ups to the Fortune 500, offices and organizations are evolving their environments with MIX Mobile white boards in order to meet the ever-changing demands of modern workspaces.

Industrial Mobile Contemporary Mobile

Switch Mobile

With the new Switch Mobile, we identified several key functions needed in multi-use settings, most notably the ability to stack and store pieces into a small footprint. The simple form of the mobile legs takes inspiration from the splitting and bending of a single plane – imagine taking a single piece of paper and tearing it apart. This not only gives the Switch Mobile a look as if it is in movement but also allows the mobiles to nest in-line tightly together, taking up a small footprint when being stowed away into a closet or corner of the room.

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Venue Mobile

Venue Mobile markerboards enhance a variety of aesthetics with a vast library of color finishes, writing surfaces, and textiles to blend in with any aesthetic. It is Venue’s timeless design that allows this adaptive visual communications mobile to work with an existing conference room, collaboration space, or a new system within the open plan.

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Venue Space Divider

Can a vertical panel system be seamlessly integrated into the evolving workplace of today? Can that same panel system define space and provide visual privacy? Venue seamlessly integrates into the open plan, collaborative team space, and the built environment with its slim architecture and mindful details. Venue enhances a variety of aesthetics with a vast library of color finishes, laminates, and textiles to blend in with any aesthetic.

It is Venue’s timeless design that allows this adaptive visual communications board to work with an existing conference room, collaboration space, or a new system within the open plan.

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Corporate Interior Experts

Claridge Products has over 73 years of experience serving businesses ranging from small start-ups to the Fortune 500. Our whiteboard and glassboard products can be found across the nation and globally in offices, executive meeting spaces, conference rooms, lobbies and anywhere else that writing surfaces are used to collaborate. At Claridge, we understand the power of writing out ideas and brainstorming to solve challenges. Work with our team of writing surface experts and see how we create custom solutions to help each client be their best.

Your Board, Your Way.

Our team of designers and craftsmen are so proud of the writing surface products we create, that we developed a design tool to help visualize our most popular whiteboards and mobiles. In a few easy steps, you can quickly see sizes, colors and finish mounting options, directly from your desktop or mobile – no software to install, no training required.

Ready to get started? Click or tap to design a Claridge whiteboard and see the range of customization options our products offer.

Design Your Board


Claridge found a green solution to a natural problem–rescuing recoverable lumber through responsible harvesting and production.

Claridge uses a proprietary harvesting and production process, where in-house craftsmen construct MIX’s solid ash wood frames from portions of trees unaffected by the destructive emerald ash borer beetle. Claridge uses landfill-destined ash lumber and integrates recoverable material into MIX’s stylishly durable hardwood frame.

Make a statement and capture your thoughts on a beautiful surface worthy of attention.

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