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Patient Boards

The XChange Graphic Whiteboard is designed with versatility in mind, because healthcare needs are dynamic and always evolving. This communication board features an interchangeable graphic insert that slides easily behind a clear, 1/4″ tempered glass writing surface. As your facility or communications needs evolve, this board can be updated and always remains relevant.

Cleanliness is critical in healthcare, which is why every Claridge board features a bacteria-resistant writing surface.  Xchange comes standard with a low profile aluminum frame, available in black or white powder coat finish. Ideal for patient rooms, scheduling, performance reviews and more.

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Glass Whiteboards

The ultimate premium writing surface for those who require an elegant and unique design style for their writing surfaces. Claridge Glass Whiteboards are ideal for patient rooms, way-finding signage, and anywhere else clear communications on a bacteria-resistant surface are needed. Claridge Glass offers dimension given the reflective nature of the writing surface, and any color can be chosen for the writing surface, using Claridge’s proprietary manufacturing process.

Step up to a premium whiteboard surface that is also bacteria-resistant and loaded with options for customization, from color to size and mounting style.

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Porcelain Whiteboards

The “go-to” solution for writing surfaces. Claridge Porcelain Whiteboards are the healthcare industry leader when it comes to writing surfaces, and perfect for virtually any application across a hospital or facility. From patient rooms to nurse stations and staff offices, Claridge Porcelain is the ideal solution for heavy usage environments. Plus, functionality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. Claridge offers a range of options and customization.

Put our whiteboards to work, because with the backing of a lifetime warranty and a bacteria-resistant surface, you can be sure Claridge Porcelain Whiteboards will perform for years to come, without scratching, staining or ghosting.

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Healthcare Experts

Claridge Products has 75 years of experience serving the healthcare industry, from private practice offices to patient rooms, and all points in between. Our whiteboard and glassboard products can be found across the nation in healthcare facilities that value premium communication boards and patient privacy.

At Claridge, we understand the power of writing out ideas and brainstorming to solve challenges. Work with our team of writing surface experts and see how we create custom solutions to help each client be their best.

Your Board, Your Way.

Our team of designers and craftsmen are so proud of the writing surface products we create, that we developed a design tool to help visualize our most popular whiteboards and mobiles. In a few easy steps, you can quickly see sizes, colors and finish mounting options, directly from your desktop or mobile – no software to install, no training required.

Ready to get started? Click or tap to design a Claridge whiteboard and see the range of customization options our products offer.

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Claridge found a green solution to a natural problem–rescuing recoverable lumber through responsible harvesting and production.

Claridge uses a proprietary harvesting and production process, where in-house craftsmen construct MIX’s solid ash wood frames from portions of trees unaffected by the destructive emerald ash borer beetle. Claridge uses landfill-destined ash lumber and integrates recoverable material into MIX’s stylishly durable hardwood frame.

Make a statement and capture your thoughts on a beautiful surface worthy of attention.