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Vertical Sliding Units

Claridge Vertical Sliding Units offer ideal visual communication solutions for lecture halls and classrooms where large visual display surfaces are required but space is limited.

Our Porcelain Vertical Sliding Systems feature an incredibly smooth porcelain surface that delivers a great writing experience and will stand the test of time.  Claridge Porcelain steel accepts magnets, won’t ghost or stain, and is warrantied for life. Our team of writing surface experts works with colleges and universities from coast-to-coast, elevating the education experience.

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Horizontal Sliding Units

Horizontal Sliding Units are custom-built to meet your needs, providing optimum display surfaces within easy reach for teaching, conferences, and training. The sliding panels and back panels can be LCS3 Porcelain dry erase markerboard, LCS3 Porcelain Chalkboard writing surfaces, or even Claridge Glass. Also, Claridge Cork, Fabricork, Designer Fabric, and Tan Nucork tackboard surfaces, along with projection screen, or COM fabrics can be applied to any of these panels.

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Higher Education Experts

Claridge Products has over 73 years of experience serving colleges and universities. Our whiteboard and glassboard products can be found on campuses from Harvard to UCLA, and globally in classrooms, lecture halls, dorms, and faculty offices. Higher education deserves the best writing surfaces in the world, and this is exactly what Claridge delivers. We understand the power of writing out concepts to teach a class or collaborate in a group. Nothing is more distracting than a whiteboard that is stained or hard to read. Work with our team of writing surface experts and see how we create custom solutions to help our higher education clients be their best in the classroom.

Your Board, Your Way.

Our team of designers and craftsmen are so proud of the writing surface products we create, that we developed a design tool to help visualize our most popular whiteboards and mobiles. In a few easy steps, you can quickly see sizes, colors and finish mounting options, directly from your desktop or mobile – no software to install, no training required.

Ready to get started? Click or tap to design a Claridge whiteboard and see the range of customization options our products offer.

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