Claridge Mobile and Stationary Dividers are a modern and simple solution that allow for rapid separation of spaces and easy re-configuration as needed. Help keep people safe, while still allowing for open space and collaboration. Available in two sizes, and in our classic clear aluminum frame finish, these partitions also serve as a writing surface for added value.

Two Great Options:

Mobile Stationary

Mobile & Stationary
Divider Specs

  • Mobile:

  • Size: 72” x 36”
  • Frame and Feet: Clear aluminum finish
  • Material: Clear tempered safety glass
  • Details: 2 locking and 2 standard casters
  • Stationary:

  • Size: 72” x 36” and 72” x 48”
  • Frame and Feet: Clear aluminum finish
  • Material: Clear tempered safety glass
  • Details: Sturdy aluminum feet with floor glides

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How to Specify

  1. Specify Mobile or Stationary Divider
  2. Select Size: 72″x36″ Mobile, 72″x36″ Stationary, or 72″x48″ Stationary
  3. Select quantity
  4. Provide ship to zip code (Free freight on orders of 10 or more units)
  5. Provide desired delivery date (units will ship within 48 hours of order)

Product Codes

Mobile Divider
MD-SG-723672” x 36”90 lbs.
Stationary Divider
SD-SG-723672” x 36”90 lbs.
SD-SG-724872” x 48”107 lbs.


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The Surface Matters

Scratch-resistantScratches easily
Does not burnBurning it releases dangerous fumes
Safety tempered glassIt crazes under high stress, leaving a network of lines and shallow cracks on the surface
Cleans with bleach, hospital-grade, or standard cleanersNot chemical resistant; even nail polish remover can cause cracks and crazinig
Does not change appearance after cleaners are usedAmmonia and ammonia-based cleaners cause it to become cloudy
Can be used for the life of the buildingTemporary solution

Getting it to You

Orders of 1 to 9 units will be packaged individually and freight is additional. Orders of 10 or more units will be palletized and freight is FREE.

Over 1000 dividers in stock and ready to ship!

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Solutions for Any Space




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