Office Insight MIX Launch - April 26, 2019

Office Insight MIX Launch

Claridge Products announced the launch of a full-color catalog and product sample kit to coincide with the official launch of MIX, its brand-new line of customizable mobile and wall-mounted markerboards, according to Claridge marketing director Kurt James.

More than just a markerboard line, MIX was developed in partnership with Q Design, the product-design and development branch of Chicago-based Whitney Architects, and was created as a multipurpose furniture line that also can be used for mobile space dividers, biophilic walls or acoustic solutions.

The catalog illustrates MIX’s customizable versatility in each of its three categories: Industrial, Contemporary, and Biophilic Panels. The MIX sample kit closely resembles a high-end wood wine box and contains samples of writing-surface materials (Glass, LCS3 Porcelain, etc.), responsibly harvested Ash wood stain colors and standard metal color samples, along with other collateral representing the custom-design features of Claridge’s newest line of markerboards.

The MIX product catalog can be viewed and downloaded HERE and samples can be requested HERE.

About Claridge Products

Since its founding in 1947, Claridge Products has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most respected woman-owned manufacturers of US-made visual display solutions. The company was instrumental in guiding and influencing the collaborative process, and today, some 70 years later, Claridge serves and supports a wide range of customers in markets ranging from architectural design and construction to business, K-12 education, healthcare, higher education, hospitality and government environments.