Claridge Cork

  • Claridge Cork is made from pure natural ingredients
  • The color-impregnated surface is durable, soil resistant and washable
  • Burlap backed, Claridge Cork is dimensionally stable and will not warp or crumble
  • Meets ASTM E-84 and meets or exceeds MIL-C-15116-C, Type 1
  • No toxins or harmful emissions


  • Claridge cork is priced on the basis of 4’ height and 1’ increments in length.
  • All unmounted cork is shipped oversize for cutting to exact size on the job
  • Mounted cork available in lengths up to 16’
  • Full rolls of Claridge Cork average 95’ in length. Invoicing is based on actual square footage shipped


  • For cutting mounted Claridge Cork to non-standard sizes – vertical and/or horizontal – add $1.00 per lin. ft


  • A $57.00 packing charge will be added to orders for less than 200 sq. ft. of mounted Claridge Cork.

Product Codes

1199Unmounted Cork 4’ roll1/4”Heavy Burlap1lb.$14.75$5545.00
1199Aunder 200 sq. ft.1/4”Heavy Burlap1lb.$15.25
1199Bover 200 sq. ft.1/4”Heavy Burlap1lb.$15.00
1190Mounted Corkboard1/4”Burlap on Hardboard2lb.$20.00

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