Guilford of Maine Fabric Bulletin Board

  • Guilford of Maine – FR701 provide tack surfaces with classic appeal
  • Offered in laminated panel form, fabric with cork underlay, or as fabric only
  • Designer Fabrics are durable, colorfast, easy to clean and sustainable
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester, Designer Fabric meets ASTM-E84 Flame Tunnel Test Class “A” Rating

Product Codes

3100Fabric on cork underlay
3100ACut to Size – Less than 200 sq. ft.16’1/2 lb.
3100BCut to Size – 200 sq. ft. or more16’1/2 lb.
3101Fabric on underlay on Duracore-1/2” O.A.12’1-1/8 lbs.
3101EWFabric on underlay on Duracore w/edges wrapped12’1-1/8 lbs.
3102Fabric on cork underlay on 1/4” hardboard – 1/2” O.A.16’1-1/2 lbs.
3102EWFabric on cork underlay on 1/4” hardboard with edges wrapped – 1/2” O.A.16’1-1/2 lbs.
3103Fabric on duracore (not fire retardant)12’1 lb.
3103EWFabric on duracore (not fire retardant) with edges wrapped12′1 lb.
3104Fabric on 7/16” fire retardant Duracore12’1 lb.
3104EWFabric on 7/16” fire retardant Duracore with edges wrapped12’1 lb.
3106Full Rolls – Designer Fabric only165’1/8 lb.
3106ACut to Size – Designer Fabric only165’1/8 lb.

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