• Hook-Fab can be used with hook tape as well as thumbtacks and pushpins.
  • Offered in laminated panel form, fabric with cork underlay or as fabric only
  • Hook-Fab is renowned for its resistance to soil and staining and will not fade
  • Lightweight and pliable, yet durable enough to stand up to heavy use, Hook-Fab combines good looks with superior performance



  • Hook-Fab panels (except 936 which is 55” wide) are priced on the basis of 4’ height and 1’ increments in length.No. 930 may be shipped oversize for cutting to actual size on job



  • Will be applied for cutting mounted Hook-Fab to non-standard sizes



  • Will be added to orders for less than 200 sq. ft. of mounted Hook-Fab.

Note: Cutting Charge and Packing Charge do not apply to No. 936. No hanging devices are included with edge-wrapped material. 

Product Codes

930Fabric on cork underlay
930ACut to Size – Less than 200 sq. ft.16′1/2 lb.
930BCut to Size – 200 sq. ft. or more16′1/2 lb.
934Fabric on cork underlay on hardboard16′1-1/2 lbs.
934EW934 with edges wrapped16′1-1/2 lbs.
935Fabric on fire retardant Duracore12′1 lb.
935EW935 with edges wrapped12′1 lb.
936Hook-Fab fabric only – 55” wide120′1/16 lb.
937Fabric on Duracore16′1 lb.
937EWFabric on Duracore16′1 lb.
923Self gripping Hooktape;pre-glued; pressure-sensitive backavailable in 1″ x 7′ long rolls

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