Office Room Dividers

Safer Offices and Collaborative Spaces

Claridge Office Room Dividers are a modern and simple solution that allows for rapid separation of spaces, and easy re-configuration as needed. Help keep employees safe, while still allowing for open space and collaboration. Available in a range of sizes, colors and finishes, these partitions also serve as a writing surface for added value.

  • Available in Claridge Porcelain or Claridge Glass – with color or clear glass
  • Bacteria resistant writing surface
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with new Boomerang foot design
  • Magnetic surface accepts all magnets and enhances functionality
  • Integral connector allows multiple panels to be joined together
  • Standard sizes: from 54″ h x 24″ w up to 72″ h x 60″ w.
  • Standard satin anodized frame and foot



Standard Glass Colors

Brilliant White
Calm White
Light Ivory
Telegrey 4
Signal Grey
Light Green
Blue Lilac
Light Blue
Bright Red Orange
Ruby Red

Porcelain Whiteboard Colors

Light Gray

Porcelain Chalkboards Colors


Anodized Aluminum

Standard Color
Signal White
Light Ivory
Oyster White
Jet Black
Pale Brown
Chocolate Brown
Slate Gray
Silver Grey
Traffic Green
Moss Green
Leaf Green
Sky Blue
Cobalt Blue
Signal Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Violet Blue
Claret Violet
Red Lilac
Traffic Red
Strawberry Red
Ruby Redy
Traffic Orange
Zinc Yellow
Traffic Yellow

How to Specify

  1. Company / Manufacturer: Claridge Products
  2. Product Name: Office Room Dividers
  3. Size: from 54″ h x 24″ w up to 72″ h x 60″ w.
  4. Color: Claridge Porcelain or Claridge Glass, including Clear Glass (choose from 10 standard colors or 180+ optional powder coat colors)
  5. Foot Color: Satin anodized aluminum (standard), or choose from over 180 powder coat colors
  6. Quantity: TBD

Product Codes

SizeLow Iron GlassStandard GlassLCS double Sided
54″ x 24″C-BTO-SDV-5424-CGC-BTO-SDV-5424-SGC-BTO-SDV-5424-LCS
54″ x 30″C-BTO-SDV-5430-CGC-BTO-SDV-5430-SGC-BTO-SDV-5430-LCS
54″ x 48″C-BTO-SDV-5448-CGC-BTO-SDV-5448-SGC-BTO-SDV-5448-LCS
60″ x 24″C-BTO-SDV-6024-CGC-BTO-SDV-6024-SGC-BTO-SDV-6024-LCS
60″ x 30″C-BTO-SDV-6030-CGC-BTO-SDV-6030-SGC-BTO-SDV-6030-LCS
60″ x 36″C-BTO-SDV-6036-CGC-BTO-SDV-6036-SGC-BTO-SDV-6036-LCS
60″ x 42″C-BTO-SDV-6042-CGC-BTO-SDV-6042-SGC-BTO-SDV-6042-LCS
60″ x 48″C-BTO-SDV-6048-CGC-BTO-SDV-6048-SGC-BTO-SDV-6048-LCS
60″ x 60″C-BTO-SDV-6060-CGC-BTO-SDV-6060-SGC-BTO-SDV-6060-LCS
72″ x 36″C-BTO-SDV-7236-CGC-BTO-SDV-7236-SGC-BTO-SDV-7236-LCS
72″ x 42″C-BTO-SDV-7242-CGC-BTO-SDV-7242-SGC-BTO-SDV-7242-LCS
72″ x 48″C-BTO-SDV-7248-CGC-BTO-SDV-7248-SGC-BTO-SDV-7248-LCS
72″ x 60″C-BTO-SDV-7260-CGC-BTO-SDV-7260-SGC-BTO-SDV-7260-LCS


  • Standard sizes: from 54” h x 24” w up to 72” h x 60” w.
  • Custom frame colors also available. See Colors section above for options.

Claridge Porcelain Surfaces

Under normal usage and maintenance, and when installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, Claridge Porcelain enamel steel markerboard and chalkboard writing surfaces are guaranteed for the Life of the Building. The guarantee covers replacement of defective boards but does not include the cost of removal or reinstallation.

Glass Writing Surfaces

When properly installed in a suitable environment and under normal intended usage, care, and maintenance, including the use of proper markers, erasers, and cleaners; Claridge glass markerboard writing surfaces are guaranteed for ten years. This warranty excludes, among other things, any and all damages resulting from earth movements or any other natural and/or man-made disasters. We do not recommend the use of abrasive cleaners on the glass surface as they may dull or “pit” the surface of the glass. The guarantee covers replacement of defective surfaces but does not include damage to the edge of the glass board, the cost of removal or reinstallation.

Freight Policy

Every effort will be made to ship in accordance with customer requested freight carriers. Claridge is not responsible for damage in shipment when the product is shipped on a third party or collect basis. In the event of visible freight damage, note the damage on the freight bill and contact a Claridge Writing Surface Expert at once to arrange for an inspection. Note that carriers require reports of damage within 5 days. Failure to report visible damage or loss is the consignee’s responsibility. Concealed damage or loss is the consignee’s responsibility. Concealed damage identified after 5 days from receipt is the sole responsibility of the consignee.

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