Tan Nucork Bulletin Boards

  • An economical tackboard surface, Tan Nucork is pure grain natural cork without burlap backing
  • Nucork has a smooth, resilient surface ideal for use with pins or thumbtacks
  • 150 FR Nucork has a Class B fire rating based on ASTME84 tunnel test as follows: flame spread – 65; smoke developed – 70. Meets military specification MIL-C-15116, Type II
  • Available unmounted – by the piece or in full rolls, and mounted on either duracore or hardboard
  • Standard height is 4’; mounted nucork available in lengths up to 16’
  • Full rolls are approximately 90’ long. (Lengths of rolls vary. Billing based on actual square footage shipped.)


  • Will be applied for cutting mounted Nucork to non-standard sizes


  • Will be added to orders for less than 200 sq. ft. of mounted Nucork.

Note: Unmounted cork is shipped oversize for cutting to exact size on job. 

Product Codes

150Full Rolls only1/4”None1/4 lb.
150Aunder 200 sq. ft.1/4”None1/4 lb.
150Bover 200 sq. ft.1/4”None1/4 lb.
150FRFull Rolls only1/4”None1/4 lb.
150FRAunder 200 sq. ft.1/4”None1/4 lb.
150FRBover 200 sq. ft.1/4”None1/4 lb.
380A1/16”Duracore3/4 lb.
5501/4”Hardboard1/2 lb.

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