264 Magnetic Aluminum Tray

Magnetic tray adheres to all Claridge LCS³ surfaces as well as other steel surfaces, making this magnetic backed tray ideal for chalkboards and markerboards! 

PRODUCT CODE: 264M and 264MP
  • 264M - Satin anodized aluminum finished tray is 2 3/4" deep

  • 264MP - Powder coated aluminum tray
  • Aluminum magnetic trays adhere to all LCS3 Porcelain enamel steel markerboards as well as other steel surfaces
  • Holds markers, erasers, and other accessories
  • For use on LCS3 Porcelain markerboards

264M1 1' Satin
264MP1 1' Powder Coated


  • 264MP - Powder Coat finish aluminum tray

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