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Claridge offers a range of products designed to make the educational environment safer, not only immediately, but thoughtfully designed for long-term use.

Grid – Desk Dividers

  • Great for classroom desks and cafeteria tables
  • Available in acrylic, acoustic, or a combination
  • Standard sizes: 24″ x 48″ & 24″ x 96″
  • 5 standard acoustic colors, 15 optional colors
  • Acoustic panels are 1/2″ thick
  • Acrylic panels are 1/4″ thick
  • Fast setup, no hardware required
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School Mobile Dividers

  • Ideal for common areas and student unions where mobility is critical
  • Available in Claridge Porcelain or Claridge Glass – with color or clear glass
  • Writeable and wipeable bacteria resistant surface
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with new Boomerang foot design
  • Integral connector allows multiple panels to be joined together
  • Standard sizes: from 24″ w x 54″ h up to 60″ w x 72″ h. Additional sizes.
  • Standard frame and foot colors: Satin Anodized, White, Black and Gray
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Schools Large Room Dividers

  • A large whiteboard which helps define space and route students in larger classrooms and open areas
  • Top Panel: available in Claridge LCS Porcelain – never stains or ghosts
  • Bottom Panel: available in Claridge LCS Porcelain, Claridge Acoustic & Claridge Fabricork
  • Bacteria resistant writing surface
  • Magnetic surface is great for posting notes, charts, and posters
  • Writing surface has a lifetime warranty
  • Standard sizes: 72″ x 60″ up to 72″ x 96″
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School Sneeze Guards

  • Made with Premium Claridge Tempered Glass, which is bacteria resistant and wipeable
  • Ideal for teacher desks, front offices and transactional environments
  • Sturdy aluminum frame and transaction pass-through cut-out
  • Standard sizes:
    • 20″ h x 36″ w
    • 20″ h x 48″ w
    • 24″ h x 36″ w
    • 24″ h x 48″ w
  • Standard frame and foot colors: Satin Anodized, White, Black and Gray
  • Custom sizes and panel configurations available
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Looking for an office solution? No problem – Claridge offers a complete line of Safer Office dividers and partitions.

Designed For Safer School Re-Openings

  • Easy & fast to setup
  • Bacteria resistant surfaces
  • Flexible designs retro-fit with most desks and tables
  • Writable surfaces for student collaboration and learning