Series Boards

Series Boards: K-12, Higher Ed, & Corporate

If you’ve been in any classroom environment, you’ve most likely seen our Claridge Series Boards on the walls. As the #1 specified brand in education, our Series Boards hold a legacy of quality throughout generations of teaching, learning, and collaboration. These reliable boards can also be found in higher education and office environments.

Series Board Categories

Series 1-8
Education K-12
Frame Size Size
Series 1 1 1/2 Trim
Series 2 3/4 Trim
Series 3 1 1/4 Trim
Series 4 5/8 Trim
Series 8 5/16 Trim
Series 100-500
Higher Education
Frame Size Size
Series 200 3/4 Trim
Series 400 5/8 Trim
Series 500 5/16 Trim
Series 1000-8000
Corporate Office
Frame Size Size
Series 2000 3/4 Trim
Series 4000 5/8 Trim
Series 6000 1/2 Trim
Series 8000 5/16 Trim

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