How to Clean and Maintain Your LCS Porcelain Markerboard

Under normal usage and maintenance Calyx by Claridge LCS porcelain writing surfaces are guaranteed for the life of your building. This said, you may ask, what is normal maintenance? Below we will detail exactly what this means and the steps you can take to clean your writing surface and ensure the highest possible performance for years.


Initial Cleaning

Care for your LCS porcelain markerboard starts when you first receive your product. Every board will be delivered with a protective film on the surface to protect it during transit. Once the board has been installed and is ready for use you will need to remove that covering by carefully peeling it back and away from the writing surface. From here you will need to complete a very important step in ensuring the performance of your product, the initial preparatory cleaning. First, using a clean, dry cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner, gently clean the entire surface. Then, use another dry cloth to wipe the entire surface to remove all dirt and residue that can be left behind after removing the protective film. Next, using clean water rinse the entire surface and lastly take a dry towel and dry the entire surface. This may seem simple but failing to perform this initial cleaning may cause under-performance of your product.


Daily Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your LCS porcelain markerboard is easy and as long as the proper methods are used it can be cleaned as often as needed without damage. The first step is using the correct cleaner, we recommend using our 683 Board Cleaner, a similar ammoniated cleaner, or even Windex® containing ammonia.

The next step is ensuring that you are using the correct type of dry erase markers as they are not all created equal. We strongly urge you to use solvent based markers and they are available for purchase by contacting Calyx by Claridge customer service. Water based markers, also referred to as low odor, have a longer drying time which creates a more intense bond between the ink and the writing surface and will lead to ghosting over time, even with proper cleaning.

It is also important to clean your board regularly. It is recommended that you clean the writing surface at least twice a week, especially if it is seeing daily use, and note that leaving ink on the board for an extended period of time can cause ghosting so it is also imperative that you erase on a regular basis. If information needs to be left up for a few days and ghosting does occur you may refer to the list of correct cleaners above that will help return your writing surface to its original condition.

One last thing to remember, and can be easy to forget, is to make sure you clean your eraser cloths regularly to remove any ink residue build up. This can be done with an everyday washing machine with like colors and no bleach, tumble dry low.


Mistakes Happen

If you or someone else accidentally uses a permanent marker on your LCS surface, have no fear as it can be fixed. Simply moisten a dry, clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol, wipe the board in a circular motion to loosen the residue, rinse with clean water, and wipe dry. Repeat as needed until all residue has been removed.


For more information on Calyx by Claridge product maintenance and warranties please visit the resources page on our website,

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