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Claridge has a proud history of 75 years crafting the world’s finest writing surfaces for those who value the power of visual communications. We were there after WWII, helping schools get a fresh start in a new era. Our whiteboard and blackboard products were used during the space race to help put men on the moon. Today, Claridge continues to help businesses and schools innovate during the digital age. What can we help you achieve?

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MIX customizable mobile and wall-mounted whiteboard systems also serve as mobile space dividers, biophilic walls, and sound absorbing acoustic panels. MIX offers design versatility in three distinct styles: Industrial, Contemporary, and Biophilic. Nearly every component can be customized, including color, wood finish, writing surface, optional metal tray, metal base, and accent strip. The design possibilities are endless!

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Despite what some whiteboard manufacturers will tell you, there’s not just one perfect writing surface for every application and space. Whiteboards come in many different surfaces and finishes. Watch this course by Professor Frank comparing the differences between some of the most popular whiteboard writing surfaces on the market. Learn where to use them, and where not to use them in your next whiteboard design project.

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