EZ Fit Panels

  • EZ Fit panels are LCS porcelain enamel steel mounted on Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) core with a moisture barrier back.
  • Panels have ½” wide face satin anodize aluminum frame
  • Holes are pre-drilled 2’ on center; 1” self-tapping screws included
  • 1/4″ thickness
  • EZ Fit Panels are designed to install over existing boards – no need to remove old boards.

Product Codes

EZL2444′ x 4′44 lbs.
EZL2464′ x 6′66 lbs.
EZL2484′ x 8′88 lbs.
EZL24104′ x 10′110 lbs.
EZL24124′ x 12′132 lbs.
EZL24164′ x 16′176 lbs.
EZL2565′ x 6′82 lbs.
EZL2585′ x 8′110 lbs.
EZL25105′ x 10′138 lbs.
EZL25125′ x 12′165 lbs.