CONTEMPORARY SERIES - Bulletin Board Cabinet

Contemporary Series Bulletin Board Cabinet

PRODUCT CODE: 2035D (2035 = Contemporary Series with Hinged Doors, 3' x 2' cabinet size, 1 door, D = Designer Fabric)

  • 1-1/2” x 3” rectangular aluminum perimeter trim, satin anodize finish; inside depth 1-3/4”

  • Tackable back panels can be Claridge Cork,Fabricork, Designer Fabric, Hook-Fab or Tan Nucork (grooved directory back panels optional)

  • 3/16” tempered glass doors with flat key tumbler locks

  • Hinged door cabinets have continuous piano hinges; sliding door units, ground-in finger pulls

Hinged Door Sliding Door Hinged Door (w/ Header) Sliding Door (w/ Header) Size (HxW) Weight No. of Doors
2035 2035S 3035H 3035S 3' x 2' 42 lbs. 1
2036 2036S 3036H 3036S 3' x 2' 6" 45 lbs. 1
2037 2037S 3037H 3037S 3' x 3' 54 lbs. 1
2038 2038S 3038H 3038S 3'6" x 2' 6" 53 lbs. 1
2039 2039S 3039H 3039S 3'6" x 3' 63 lbs. 1
2041 2041S 3041H 3041S 3' x 4' 72 lbs. 2
2040 2040S 3040H 3040S 4' x 4' 96 lbs. 2
2042 2042S 3042H 3042S 3' 6 x 5' 105 lbs. 2
2043 2043S 3043H 3043S 4' x 5' 120 lbs. 2
2044 2044S 3044H 3044S 4' x 6' 144 lbs. 2
2046 2046S 3046H 3046S 4' x 8' 256 lbs. 4*
2048 2048S 3048H 3048S 4' x 10' 320 lbs. 4*
2050 2050S 3050H 3050S 4' x 12" 384 lbs. 4*


  • Light

  • Weatherproofing (hinged door only) 

  • Recessed installation

  • Medium or dark bronze anodize or powder coat finish

  • Intermediate sizes available

Tackable Surface Options:

Tan Nucork

Image title


Image title

Designer Fabric

Image title

Claridge Cork

Image title


Image title

Frame Options:

Powder Coat Finishes

Image title

* Sliding door units with more than two doors will have mullion(s).


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