CONNECT® X2 MOBILE - Partial Height, Double-Sided Markerboard & Tackboard

Capture ideas anywhere! Mobile markerboards are an ideal solution for impromptu brainstorming sessions. Double-sided mobiles enhance the look of any space. CONNECT® X2 Partial Height mobile features a 36" high LCS3 Porcelain® enamel steel writing surface on both sides. Available in three widths - 30", 36" and 48", the partial height mobile includes two locking and two non-locking casters.

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  • Available in three widths -- 30", 36", and 48"

  • Standard height is 72" from finished floor to top of the mobile

  • Claridge Glass and LCS3 Porcelain® work with standard dry-erase markers

  • Claridge Glass is available in 10 standard colors, 180 optional colors, and custom colors

  • LCS3 Porcelain is available in white, light gray, and beige

  • Tack surfaces available in a variety of colors/patterns, including Claridge Cork, Guilford, Carnegie, Maharam, or pre-approved COM fabrics

  • Claridge Glass and LCS3 Porcelain surfaces are GREENGUARD certified, eco-friendly and emit no VOC's

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Product Code Size (H x W) Weight
X2-MMN-7230-MB-MB 72 x 30 67 lbs.
X2-MMN-7236-MB-MB 72 x 36 80 lbs.
X2-MMN-7248-MB-MB 72 x 48 95 lbs.


Writing Surface Options:

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Tackable Surface Options:

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  1. Manufacturer: Claridge Products
  2. Product Description: CONNECT X2 Partial Height Mobile

  3. Size: 72" (h) x 36" (w)
  4. Writing or Tack Surface (specify both sides): Claridge Glass over Claridge Glass, Brilliant White
  5. Frame & Feet: Satin anodized aluminum (standard), or designate a custom powder coat color
  6. Quantity: TBD
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Under normal usage and maintenance, and when installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, Claridge LCS3 Porcelain enamel steel markerboard and chalkboard writing surfaces are guaranteed for the Life of the Building. The guarantee covers replacement of defective boards but does not include the cost of removal or reinstallation.

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When properly installed in a suitable environment and under normal intended usage, care, and maintenance, including the use of proper markers, erasers, and cleaners; Claridge glass markerboard writing surfaces are guaranteed for ten years. This warranty excludes, among other things, any and all damages resulting from earth movements or any other natural and/or man-made disasters. We do not recommend the use of abrasive cleaners on the glass surface as they may dull or “pit” the surface of the glass. The guarantee covers replacement of defective surfaces but does not include damage to the edge of the glass board, the cost of removal or reinstallation.

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Every effort will be made to ship in accordance with customer requested freight carriers. Claridge is not responsible for damage in shipment when the product is shipped on a third party or collect basis. In the event of visible freight damage, note the damage on the freight bill and notify the carrier at once for inspection. Note that carriers require reports of damage within 5 days. Failure to report visible damage or loss is the consignee's responsibility. Concealed damage or loss is the consignee's responsibility. Concealed damage identified after 5 days from receipt is the sole responsibility of the consignee.

NEED IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE? Give us a call at 800.434.4610

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